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The choice of leisure time activities is also enriched by the geography of the village of Vyhne with its natural attractions. The very location of the hotel and the transport accessibility also make it possible to take trips to near and far tourist points of interest and thus offer a holiday rich in experience and knowledge.

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Kamenné more (the Stone Sea)

It is situated directly in the village Vyhne and the educational trail of Andrej Kmeť leads there. It is situated at an altitude of 495 m a.s.l. and has a total area of 13.3 ha. The Stone Sea is one of the largest in the Carpathian Mountains and also the oldest protected area in Slovakia. The site is made up of a number of larger and smaller rhyolite boulders of reddish color. The area is currently significant not only in geological, but also in zoological terms. There are several rare species of animals there.

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Travertine in Vyhne

It is also a part of the educational trail of Andrej Kmeť. It was formed by settling of travertine limestone from water flowing out of the old mining tunnel, which is very rich in limestone. Importantly, its growth has not stopped but still continues. The original spring has disappeared over time, so one of our springs was diverted to the travertine not to lose this natural phenomenon. The travertine is more than 3 meters high waterfall. Locals call it also the “Mammoth”. Although you cannot get to the immediate vicinity, you can admire the travertine from approx. 30 meters distance.

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Chapel of Our Lady the Queen

The chapel was built in 1913 on the ruins of the original chapel from 1734. It is located near our hotel. Sunday worships are held there in summer. It was built as the first and only building in Slovakia by the world-famous Slovak architect Ladislav Hudec, a native of Banská Bystrica, who also changed the face of Shanghai with his skyscrapers.

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Margóči´s Villa

It has been there almost unchanged by these days. Originally the spa villa, also known as the Benkó's Villa, was part of the spa in the past. It was built in 1912 in Art Nouveau style.

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Steiger Brewery

The first Slovak brewery in Slovakia, founded in 1473 with continuous production of beer until today. The brewery has a possibility to order excursions of various lengths and tasting.

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Banská Štiavnica

Thanks to mining, closely connected with the history of Central Slovakia, many historical monuments have been preserved, either directly in the town or in the surroundings. You can visit the ancient streets, museums, galleries, a botanical garden, Calvary, “tajchy” (water reservoirs), mines, shafts and many other UNESCO-protected monuments.

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The Saint Anthony castle

Not far from Banská Štiavnica there is the village of Svätý Anton, which houses a castle with its own park. The castle is connected with the families Koháry and Coburg, which left behind richly furnished salons, which reflect the way of life, taste and their hobbies.

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Animal park Zveropark

If you like nature and animals, we definitely recommend visiting Zveropark. More than 30 animal species live on an area of 21 ha. The main attraction is elk, but you will find other animals there too. Time spent with nature you will bring you new information about fauna and flora.

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A lot of hiking trails cross the Štiavnické Mountains and Vyhne is no exception. The most popular hiking trails in our area:

  • Hájska skala (Wood Rock)
  • Jelenia skala (Deer Rock)
  • Vyhnianska Valley
  • Panorama
  • Cez tri chotáre (Through three land areas)
  • Kerling
  • Dolnoždánska skala (Rock of Dolná Ždaňa)


You can visit the following ski resorts in winter season:



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