Salt inhalation room

The effects of staying in a salt inhalation room can be compared to the health effects of staying at the sea. The salty aerosol in the cave is more effective on the skin than at the sea, where we are protected by sunscreen. After the first visits to the salt room, someone may experience detoxification in form of light rhinitis or cough. These are common symptoms in which the body is getting rid of toxins. The symptoms are only temporary - they last only a few days.

The salt therapy has positive effects on:

  • the immune system – increased immunity in both children and adults
  • the respiratory system - bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, sinusitis ...
  • the digestive system - stomach ulcers, gastric disorders, metabolic disorders .....
  • the cardiovascular system – blood circulation, high blood pressure, postoperative conditions
  • the skin system - inflammations of the skin, psoriasis, various eczemas, acne, skin regeneration…
  • the musculoskeletal system – rheumatism, arthritis, joint pain
  • others - stress, headache, lethargy, depression, neurotic states, allergies, overweight, rejuvenation

The air in the salt room is soaked with salt from Himalayan salt stones, minerals and trace elements. One of the minerals is iodine ,which helps the regular function of the thyroid gland. Calcium strengthens cells in the body, activates enzymes. Another mineral is magnesium, which acts against stress, slows down ageing, regenerates the body. Potassium and sodium facilitate the secretion of toxic substances from cells. Zinc, selenium or bromine, which helps to heal skin diseases, also have positive effects of minerals in rock salt.

It can be visited by all age groups, children and pregnant women. Athletes use it as a supplement to regeneration. It is a place for relaxation and rest, where you let the forces of salt affect your body. It has a positive effect on the airways, allergies of various origins, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disorders, various inflammations but also on an exhausted organism. Last but not least, the salt room speeds up metabolism, which helps to reduce fat. There is very good climate for allergy sufferers in the salt room.

Length of the stay:

  • in acute conditions 5 x 30-45min
  • as prevention 3 x 10-15 min

A visit is not recommended

  • for people with high temperature (when the temperature drops, the visit is ideal for treatment of viral and inflammatory diseases)
  • for people with increased thyroid activity,
  • oncological patients (on the contrary, it is ideal after chemotherapy).