Healing effects of sauna


Sauna relaxes nervous tension, soothes body and soul, positively affects regeneration of strength and mental and physical relaxation.. Thanks to sauna, our body and soul can be brought into a harmonious and balanced state. Sauna has a strong impact on human health, helps strengthen blood circulation, strengthens the heart, thereby reducing a risk of heart attack by up to 63%, brightens up the complexion and rejuvenates..

  • in particular, sauna has an excellent preventive effect. A regular sauna therapy will create resistance to viral respiratory infections. The hot air in the sauna causes sweating and excretion of harmful substances, opens the pores of the skin, improves its blood circulation, elasticity and appearance.
  • it accelerates metabolism, it has anti-inflammatory effects, sauna helps against various allergies, eczema, yeast and fungal infections, acne and skin diseases, it has also bactericidal effects and kills mites that live on the human body (by the way, only twice in life your body is completely free of mites, when you are born and when you leave the sauna).
  • it has proven healing effects in asthma, airway inflammation and allergies.
  • it has also a calming effect, relaxes the body and soul, brings mental and physical relaxation, eliminates mental stress manifested by insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, exhaustion, headache, joint pain, etc.
  • it contributes to obtaining a perfectly clean skin with visible cosmetic effect, relaxation and freshness with stimulation of many vital functions, improvement of physical coordination, etc.
  • from the therapeutic point of view, sauna is of supportive importance. the use aromatherapy is well-known (in treatment of upper respiratory tract, in musculoskeletal disorders, insomnia), sauna is used to heat the joints in some orthopedic diagnoses, in some climacteric problems.
  • however, it is important to refute the misconception that you will lose weight by sauna. It is true that you lose about 500g of water while you are in sauna, and it also helps distribute the water in your body better, which reduces swelling in overweight people when water from fat tissues disappears. However, the accumulated fats do not disappear and the water is quickly replenished.


It is only suitable for people who have not been diagnosed with any severe disease (an acute or a worsened chronic one). Before visiting a sauna, the patient should consult their physician.

Some diseases do not belong to a sauna at all (acute inflammation, some skin diseases, contraindicated gynecological problems, degenerative diseases, etc.). Due to high temperatures, it is strictly prohibited to epileptic patients, patients with kidney disease, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, lung diseases, and people suffering from joint inflammation.

It is not recommended to visit a sauna also in case of virosis, fever or inflammatory diseases, in women during period or during pregnancy.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna has its place in everyday stressful activities for its remarkable effects. The effects of infrared sauna are clear - strengthening immunity, relaxation, detoxification. Infrasauna helps from pain, stress, fatigue, insomnia, problems with the musculoskeletal system, it helps with weight loss, fights cellulite and acne, problematic complexion. It radiates only the sunlight that is beneficial to health and, on the contrary, excludes the negative one. This ensures more natural heating of the body and this is very beneficial to health. When you stay in an infrared sauna, you will not only heat the body surface, but the heat generated penetrates up to 25 mm deep into the muscle mass and intense sweating even at lower temperatures from 40 to 55°C (generally recommended from 45 to 50°C) occurs, by which harmful substances wash out of your body and your skin gets cleansed.


  • preventing diseases such as influenza
  • improving immunity and fitness
  • reduction of muscle and joint stiffness
  • relieving pain and tension
  • stimulation of blood circulation, treatment of skin inflammations
  • weight loss (up to 1200 KJ in 30 minutes)
  • total body relaxation and regeneration
  • infrared radiation also affects the "beauty" of a person
  • also suitable for children - beneficial effects on the neuro-vegetative system, which helps to increase appetite, better sleep, as well as greater calmness of the child.

Steam sauna

The temperature of a steam sauna is usually between 40 and 50°C. The humidity reaches up to 100%. As a result, the steam sauna will bring you many benefits. For example, you will get rid of respiratory problems. A herbal steam sauna with the temperature of 41-43°C with the addition of eucalyptus essence brings a unique experience for body and soul. It has disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and healing effects. During inhalation we breathe through the nose, we deepen the initially shallow breaths step by step.

Recommended sauna time: min. 15 minutes. Repetition: 2-3 x


  • muscle relaxation
  • complete detoxification
  • perfusion