Thermal water

The hotel pools are filled with water directly from the hotel's own spring.

Water flows through the pools. Water is disinfected by silver, but otherwise it is not chemically treated at all and therefore it does not lose the active substances due to our actions.

Such a combination of pool technology and natural water is rather a rarity. Therefore let us give you some information about our water.

The Termal Hotel has natural spring water, bicarbonate-sulphate with predominant calcium and magnesium content and relative sodium, potassium and lithium content. It is spring medium-mineralized water with a total mineralization of 1025 mg/l. It is acidulous water with a content of free carbon dioxide of 600 mg/l, salty, slightly alkaline, low-thermal with a temperature of 36 °C. In terms of the content of nutritional-physiological elements, in addition to calcium this water contains also fluorides.

Perhaps the biggest positive of the natural spring water of the Termál Hotel is the balanced ratio of alkaline soil salts and minerals. Moreover, the temperature of the water and bicarbonates significantly help the absorption of the active substances into the body, and it is thanks to the bicarbonates that these substances penetrate into the deeper structures of the body. The active substances also have a positive effect on the skin tissue structure and skin nutrition. In addition to assisting the penetration of the active substances into the body, the carbon dioxide contained in the water greatly improves the locomotor system.

Regarding the active substances – calcium together with fluorides are necessary for the health of bones, joints and teeth, but also muscles. Potassium is an important element needed in electrochemical processes in the body, in the transmission of impulses in nerves and muscles, in cellular processes. It is also important in preventing heart disease and blood circulation. The main function of sodium is to regulate the distribution of body fluids and acid-base balance.

Natural spring water of the Termál Hotel is ideal in the case of a lack of some nutrients in the body causing nervous system disorders, which may show symptoms such as nervousness and irritability. This is because of the magnesium and potassium content. However, lithium, which is ideal for people suffering from stress, is not negligible either.